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20 October 2017

Life-saving HIV drug given to thousands of Queenslanders for free

An extra 1000 Queenslanders will be given access to a drug trial that could help them reduce the chances of contracting HIV.
18 October 2017

Pre-sex HIV drug 'no-brainer" for NHS

Prep treatment could prevent a quarter of new HIV cases and save the NHS millions, experts calculate.
17 October 2017

PrEP would save the NHS money, in numerous scenarios

A pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) programme for men who have sex with men in the UK would not only be cost-effective, but actually cost-saving (in other words, both improving health and lowering NHS spending), according to an economic evaluation published by Valentina Cambiano and colleagues in The Lancet Infectious Diseases today.Modifying a wide range
16 October 2017

Gilead Continues To Block Ireland From Sourcing Generic Truvada

Gilead Sciences, the company that supplies Ireland with the drug Truvada, will have a full court hearing in mid-October to determine whether the Irish Health and Safety Executive (HSE) can source a generic analogue of the drug from the pharmaceutical giant’s competitors. In July, GCN reported that Gilead was taking legal action to stop the HSE from securing generic drug from Actavis and Mylan, the company’s competitors, for the purposes of HIV prevention as PrEP.
16 October 2017

MSM in London diagnosed with early syphilis are a priority group for PrEP, suggests UK study

Gay and other men who have sex with men (MSM) recently diagnosed with early syphilis are a priority group for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), results of a study published in Sexually Transmitted Infections suggest. Over two years of follow-up, 11% of men diagnosed with early syphilis subsequently became infected with HIV. Incidence of rectal sexually transmitted
13 October 2017

PrEP activists warn new NHS trial will fail if black gay men don't take part

Sexual health campaigners are warning a newly launched trial in the UK will fail if not enough people of color take part, Gay Star News can reveal. The experts are estimating the overwhelming majority of the patients in the NHS trial will be white gay men. This could provide an unbalanced study with most of the evidence from just one group who could benefit from access to PrEP.
13 October 2017

Unpacking Michael Weinstein's Latest PrEP Denialism

The controversial head of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation has taken his PrEP-skepticism campaign to the prestigious medical journal AIDS. The editorial is compromised by unsound logic, the cherry picking of evidence and the tendency to ignore important granular details about HIV infection and PrEP-use trends.
11 October 2017

England PrEP Impact Trial Launches

The England PrEP IMPACT Trial goes live tomorrow. Before you all go rushing out to your local sexual health clinic there are a few things we’d like to make you aware of. The trial team are expecting an initial surge for demand and clinics are doing their best to accommodate this. There are a few things we can do to help. Please try to wait until your regular clinic opens as part of the trial rather than register at a new clinic - though we completely understand that expecting people to wait for access to NHS PrEP is unacceptable to some. The trial team are pushing really hard for most of the 70 initial sites to be live as soon as possible with the remaining 130 clinics following quickly behind. Most clinics are expected to be up by the end of November and all by April 2018.
9 October 2017

Reconsidering Primary Prevention: a Call To Action For The Global HIV Response

"The [HIV] prevention toolbox is getting bigger, but the application of the tools is getting smaller. For...prevention to stand a chance, the silence, denial, negativity, and moralism surrounding sex and drug use must end. Policy makers and donors, including governments, must shed their reluctance to openly and positively address sex and drug use in their public health discourse and responses to HIV."
9 October 2017

Many gay/bisexual men currently taking PrEP would switch to injectable forms of the therapy should it become available

Approximately a third of gay and bisexual men who are currently taking oral (tenofovir/emtricitabine) pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) would prefer long-acting injectable PrEP should it become available, investigators report in AIDS and Behavior. Individuals were less likely to prefer injectable PrEP if they had concerns about the level of protection it
9 October 2017

New York City PrEP prescriptions increase nearly 1,000 percent, but disparities remain

New York City saw a 976 percent increase in PrEP prescriptions in two years, but disparities remain, according to an IDWeek study.
6 October 2017

Psychological impact of PrEP: beyond efficacy and cost-effectiveness

The impact of PrEP on quality of life in reducing HIV-related anxiety and more dynamic and fulfilled sex lives is potentially as important as hard endpoints for reduced HIV infections. Mitzy Gafos presented experiences from using PrEP as part of the UK PROUD study, based on semi-structured interviews with 41 participants.
6 October 2017

CDC: Rising PrEP Use Will Likely Drive Down STIs in Gay & Bi Men

The recommended twice-yearly STI screening would drive this effect, likely compensating for any excess sexual risk taking in PrEP users.
3 October 2017

HIV diagnoses in the UK fell in gay men last year for the first time since the mid-1990s, Public Health England confirms

The 2016 HIV surveillance figures released by Public Health England (PHE) today reveal that what has already been reported for specific clinics and at conferences is true nationally: HIV diagnoses in gay men last year fell significantly for the first time throughout the UK since antiretroviral therapy started becoming available 20 years ago. This forms
2 October 2017

Amsterdam PrEP failure patient had unusual course of HIV infection

At last February’s Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI), Dutch clinicians presented a so-far unique case of a man who had apparently become infected with non-drug-resistant HIV while taking pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) consistently. Two previous cases of PrEP failure had been reported, but in both cases, the men concerned
18 September 2017

San Francisco annual report shows continued drop in new HIV infections

The San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) has released its HIV Epidemiology Annual Report for 2016, showing that the number of new infections continues to decline, with decreases seen across demographic groups. Homeless people, however, have higher rates of infection and poorer treatment outcomes. "Highlights of this year's HIV annual report include a 16% decline in
14 September 2017

Study documents changing opinion among Italian doctors about PrEP

A survey of Italian infectious disease physicians working with HIV, conducted in 2015 but only published this July, reveals that at that time there was still considerable scepticism about HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). The study data were collected in April and May 2015, two months after the results of the PROUD and IPERGAY studies were announced, but a
12 September 2017

New US PrEP cost-effectiveness model finds drug prices will need to drop substantially if HIV risk rises, or if adherence is only moderate

A new US model of the cost-effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for men who have sex with men (MSM), prepared by researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, finds that taking even one year of PrEP is more cost-effective than measures like kidney dialysis, if it is used by people belonging to populations where
7 September 2017

No new HIV infections among Kaiser PrEP users, but data shows missed opportunities

No new HIV infections have occurred among nearly 5000 people who started Truvada for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in the Kaiser Permanente Northern California health system, according to a letter in the 29 July edition of Clinical Infectious Diseases. However, there were some infections in people who sought PrEP but decided not to take it
1 September 2017

Experts concur that event-related oral PrEP probably won’t work for women

Two presentations at the recent International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2017) in Paris told delegates that both trial results and analysis of drug levels supported the idea that event-related, “on demand” pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) might not be sufficiently powerful to prevent HIV infection in women and trans men via vaginal|KQXCFiDUEK_aJbZ3ABTaS2hE1o0&limit=10Array ( )