Our venue

The Sound Garden Hotel

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Getting There

The Sound Garden is only 10 minutes away from Warsaw’s main airport, Fryderyc Chopin airport, on the 175 or 188 buses, which stop right outside the terminal and the hotel (stop: Novotel). A ticket will cost you 3 zlotys (about €0.75); you can buy on the bus or at an airport newsagent. A taxi should cost you no more than 25-30 zlotys (c. €6.50 – 7.50). The Hotel also runs its own shuttle bus.

Some of you may be coming on the train, or from Warsaw’s budget-airline airport, Modlin, which is 40 km north of the city. A shuttle bus + train connects Modlin to Warsaw Central station, and a direct bus connects to the square outside the landmark Palace of Culture and Science building in the centre of town. See Google map below.

From those places a 175 bus from the nearby Centrum Metro stop, going toward Chopin airport, will take you to the Sound Garden (stop: Novotel) in 25 minutes. The airport light rail train, numbered S2 or S3, also goes from the Central Station to just by the hotel (stop: Żwirki i Wigury) and is even faster (17 minutes) but less frequent.

The Sound Garden has its own informative transport and FAQs page at www.soundgardenhotel.pl/en/faq-page-141334


If you are a Scholar you will already have a room booked for you. If you are a non-scholar and are paying for your own accommodation, some rooms, including double rooms, are available at a concessionary rate for Summit attendees at www.bit.ly/2lxqRba, or you can use the promotional code PREP2019 on the hotel’s website to get better prices too.

Introduction to the hotel

The Sound Garden’s musical theme is reflected in the names of its floors (Jazz, Pop, even Silence…) and its conference rooms (Concerto, Symphony, etc). It’s all of an architect-designed piece, with its black, white and green colour scheme and its guitar-pick logo reflected in the shape of some of its public rooms. This disguises the fact that it’s actually quite big.

The standard rooms are quite small, with the same modular, unified design as the rest of the hotel, and they lack certain facilities such as a safe. (Reception can put passports and other valuables in their safe.)

But they are cosy, with automatic blinds, efficient air-conditioning, and swinging tables which will find you doing your emails in bed.

The hotel may have double rooms you can upgrade to if you pay the extra – see www.bit.ly/2lxqRba for a direct link to their reservations. One really unusual feature for a modern hotel is that the top floor – the “Silence” floor – is women-only, reserved for female guests.

Breakfast is 6.30 till 9.30am and we recommend rising early, as the Hotel will be unusually full because of the Summit – and the morning registration and coffee sessions start at 8am.

Other quirks include the fact that you have to have your TV on to access the internet in your room. Each room has its own numbered modem, as you’ll find on your phone/computer, and the “WiFi” tab on your room TV will show you your password. As long as the TV is on, your WiFi is – you don’t have to have it tuned to a programme.

Another unusual feature is that you don’t have an iron in your room or at reception – there is an actual Ironing room on the 1st floor, complete with two ironing boards and water.

We hope the Warsaw autumn weather will be kind to us, as there is a pleasant outside terrace also at 1st floor level with deckchairs, including a giant one for selfies.

There’s a hotel shop by the entrance, but beware, it closes early at about 4pm and the nearest later-closing shop is 500m along the road opposite (the one to the right of the Novotel). The hotel bar is by the breakfast area, but when it closes you will find there is also a small self-service bar by the reception area – pay the night staff for drinks and snacks.

The conference rooms

You can see the conference rooms at www.soundgardenhotel.pl/en/conference-rooms-in-warsaw

The Thursday afternoon/evening introductory session will take place in Concerto 1 on the first floor and the Friday/Saturday main conference in the big Symphony room on the ground floor, which is where you will also find reception and registration. We have three other rooms on the first floor for the breakout sessions and workshops. That’s if workshops need projection and presentation facilities: there are also more informal spaces that can be used in the lobby and (if the weather is nice) on the outside terrace.

We look forward to seeing you in Warsaw!



The PrEP in Europe Summit 2019 has been made possible by the generous support of

PrEP in Europe would also like to thank our steering committee and advisory group members for their support, including Aids Action Europe, the National AIDS Trust, ECOM and ECDC.