PrEP in Europe 2019, Warsaw: Summit Programme

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PrEP in Europe factsheet – STIs

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PrEP in Europe factsheet – drug resistance

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Message to PrEP in Europe from AFAO & Australian PrEP advocates

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PrEP Australia Announcement – 9 February – AFAO Media Release

Just before the start of the 2018 PrEP in Europe summit, the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAS), the national body that recommends drugs to be provided through the Australian National Health Service, recommended full PrEP rollout. As you may know PrEP has been available in most Australian states through a series of Demonstration Studies: but this is full and reimbursed rollout.
Don Baxter, ex-chair of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations and current co-chair of the Global Forum for MSM and HIV (MSM-GF) wrote this useful briefing document with the PrEP in Europe meeting in mind. We did not have time to circulate it as background literature at the time but are doing so now. See also the AFAO official press release in the link above.

PrEP in Europe Report – May 2017

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PrEP Access in Europe report from the PrEP in Europe Initiative.

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV Prevention

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Factsheet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What is PrEP?

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Published February 2014

A short YouTube video explaining what PrEP is.

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