Welcome to the PrEP in Europe Summit

The PrEP in Europe Summit: Amsterdam, Friday/Saturday 9/10 February 2018

Programme now online!

Summit information and logistics

Presentations and links to all video sessions now online


The programme of the PrEP in Europe Summit is now online. Click on the link above to see it. It will be updated as speakers and facilitators confirm, so check in regularly.

The first PrEP in Europe Summit will take place in Amsterdam on Friday-Saturday 9-10 February 2018.

This will be the first community-focused conference on HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to happen in the European region.

The Summit will bring together health and public health commissioners and policy directors, researchers and clinicians, and PrEP users and advocates. It aims to help build a more united and more equal approach to providing PrEP within the WHO European region, with all its diverse health systems, populations and levels of prosperity.

The aims of the Summit are:

  • To understand what barriers remain to implementing PrEP in Europe;
  • To discuss how key stakeholders – healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, and community advocates – can collaborate in speeding up implementation of PrEP in Europe;
  • To share good examples of how countries in Europe have moved toward PrEP implementation.

Live stream

The summit will be live-streamed throughout. So you can watch the summit proceedings, the PrEP in Europe Facebook page is open for public view all week from Monday 5 February onwards. You will be able to interact with the live stream with comments and questions.

Watch the live stream


We’re sorry, but we are not accepting on-site registrations for the Summit. Because of funding and space limitations we are restricted to 120 places and these filled up by the end of November. We hope you can join us virtually by viewing the live stream – and why not join us at the IJ-Kantine on Saturday evening afterwards?

PrEP in Europe would also like to thank our steering committee and advisory group members for their support. In particular AIDES, AVAC, EATG and PrEPster for supporting summit places; UNAIDS for supporting summit places and translating pages; and AIDS Action Europe for supporting steering committee meetings.