PrEP in Europe has been a partnership of eight European NGOs aiming to improve knowledge of, provision of, and access to PrEP throughout the WHO European region.

Active since January 2016, it convened two pan-European summits in Amsterdam in 2018 and Warsaw in 2019, conducted webinars and has written research briefs and conducted webinars and community meetings on PrEP for different European populations.

PrEP in Europe dissolved as a partnership in September 2021, having helped to achieve its primary stated aim of furthering the availability of PrEP in a majority of countries in Europe. But we will continue to work with our former and other partners. It will continue as a clearing house for PrEP news and materials, and as a Facebook Group.

PrEP in Europe is administered by NAM aidsmap, see www.aidsmap.com.

Our webinars and conference presentations are on our YouTube channel here as well as at the conference pages here and here.

PrEP in Europe had four main aims:

  • Information. We aimed to provide information on the science, provision, cost and usage of PrEP throughout Europe. As well as providing content itself such as summaries of the most important studies, PrEP in Europe aimed to be a “knowledge exchange” where members could contribute information on PrEP.
  • Advocacy. PrEP in Europe does not aim to do the same job aimed to help build the skills and knowledge of advocates by providing advocacy materials and helping people in already-existing and proposed national campaigns to exchange ideas.
  • Policy. Apart from its cost, the biggest barriers to the provision of PrEP are the entrenched attitudes of politicians and health system providers, and the complexity and variety of European healthcare systems. PrEP in Europe challenged the institutional division between healthcare and public health seen in many health systems, and furthered the provision of biomedical HIV prevention as a part of European national health services..
  • Networking. We have been stronger together in this campaign than we were separately. PrEP in Europe acted as a centralised site where people involved in advocating for the wider availability of PrEP could meet, exchange ideas, and gain strength from each other’s good examples.

Ask to join the PrEP in Europe Facebook page for more news, discussion and announcements.

Who we are

More about the PrEP in Europe initiative, the current state of PrEP availability in the region, problems specific to Europe, and the need for a pan-European campaign.

Why PrEP

A summary of the relevant science behind PrEP, its cost and cost-effectiveness, including an explanation of cost-effectiveness models.

Getting PrEP

This section offers a summary of the latest news and practical advice on the current state of PrEP availability in Europe. As our website grows, we will develop country-specific pages for information on how to get PrEP.